NefOP26 Police Tactical Training

Have you always wondered how you can be of good use to your own country? If so then joining our police tactical training program can be one of the best ways to fulfill your dreams. A basic tactical training means that you are taught to deal with different pressure situations in the best possible way and then are assessed depending on your reaction.

The main motive of providing this sort of training to individuals is to gauge a person's under pressure capabilities towards protecting themselves and their team. This program is a 10 day course which covers different sections of tactical training to make you stronger in every aspect.


Our Police Training Process

Once the training is complete we select the top 26 candidates who are then processed further for advanced training. This advanced trainings can help you become an honorable part of the country's police department as a patrolling officer. View our Training Schedule here.

NefOP26 Supporting Organizations:

Fraternal Order of Police

The Voice of Our Nation's Law Enforcement Officers.


National Association of Chiefs of Police

The mission of the National Association of Chiefs of Police is to promote and support the law enforcement profession.


Your Police Career

Learn How to Become a Police Officer


Security Guard Training Central

An online security training center with free information on security guard classes near you.


If you are interested in our program and want to work towards making our country a safer place then make sure that you apply for our program. You can also read about the program details through our website.